Monday, February 9, 2009

Just Praising Jesus

Well, I told you that I would come back and share when I had something that I felt was worth saying. So my profound statement for the day is . . .

. . . Praise God for He is so good!

After an intro like that I bet you expect me to have a wonderful story to tell you about something grand that has happened in my life today. Well sorry to disappoint but no earth shaking story to tell.

Today was just an ordinary day in the ordinary life of an ordinary wife and mother; except for the one extraordinary thing ~ I am a child of the King, God Most High! Me(and you too if you know Jesus)a wretched sinner. I am loved by God. The God of grace sent His very own Son to redeem me so that I could have a relationship with Him!

Now people if that doesn't make you want to say "God is so good," well lets just say I think you better check your priorities!

So, I'm gonna say, "Ta-ta" for tonight and go sing a few praise songs to my Jesus!


Judy in TN said...

Thank you my friend, for the simple but profound reminder. I'm so glad you are back.

It seems like this time of year, many of us get the doll-drums (is that a scrabble word?) and it is harder to just see the ray of light that we need for a boost!
Joannie you are a precious spirit and have such a wonderful gift of encouragement/teaching and i'm sure much more. God is using you and will continue to, just keep looking to Him.

I have a couple of dear friends who are going through alot today, please pray for them. Like you they live far away from me and praying for them is all I can do at times like this.

Thank you!

Janice said...

I enjoy your inspiring blog. For the last several months I have been down but not out, with the help of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God sent me an angel in the form of a beautiful voice named Lynda Randle. I have listened to her sing many times in the last few months on CD, and just sobbed while listening. But I also find writings like yours that lift my spirit so thanks and keep up the good work. Janice

Joanie Butler said...

Janice and Judy,

If you should read this, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog! As it states above I have so many people that give me encouragement through their posted comments, and I value each comment highly.

I feel so blessed by God to live in a country that allows me to post a blog about the wonderful love of my Jesus, without fear of persecution.

The Lord has given me a voice and I do pray that I will be faithful to use it to speak out for His renown!

Be blessed and live in His grace!