Monday, June 23, 2008

“She Speaks” Doesn’t Disappoint

My expectations for “She Speaks” this year were very different from last-year. Last year, I went hoping to grow my relationship with God, but I also went hoping that one of my meetings with book publishers would net me a book contract. Not so that I could become the next Beth Moore, but because I truly felt that I had some good information to share with my fellow Christian sisters.

This year however, I cancelled both of my meetings with book publishers. I did this for several reasons. First among my reasons, was that this year I really wanted to attend “She Speaks” without the added stress that those meetings cause. Second I was not able to pull my two sample chapters together with the degree of professionalism, polish and finish that I felt was necessary, and third; the most important reason of all, I wanted to attend without distraction so that I could clearly hear the sound of my Master’s voice. You see, for many weeks prior to the conference I had been asking God in prayer to speak to me in a great way during the “She Speaks” conference. I had been wrestling with some big issues and I felt that God would speak great truths to me during this time with the P31 team.

Well let me just tell ya, when God shows up He shows up in a BIG way!! This year, not only did God help me answer many questions, he affirmed my calling in ministry. Through the ministry and words of the P31 team, He gave me hope, peace, rest, and spiritual rejuvenation. I was strengthened and encouraged in my daily walk with the Lord. I came home to my family ready to blaze new God honoring paths in the name of Jesus Christ.

Praise His Holy Name forever and ever!

Special thanks, Big Hugs and lots of Love to all the women of the P31 Team! You all ROCK!!

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Becoming Me said...

How wonderful. I am so glad that you enjoyed the conference. I am hoping to go next year.