Friday, January 18, 2008

“Me Do”

My 2 ½ -year-old is forever providing me with little life lessons. Just the other day as I was rushing to go out the door, and trying unsuccessfully to rush him as well, he provided me with another such lesson.

This particular day I was running behind schedule as usual and wanted my son to stand still while I helped him put on his socks, shorts and shirt. My son has just started learning how to dress himself and he particularly enjoys trying to put on his socks. In my haste, I wanted to assist him so that we could shave a few seconds off of the time it was going to take for us to be out the door and on our way. My son became frustrated with me and my attempt to assist him. Finally, he yanked his socks away from me with the proclamation; of “me do!” Of course, he really needed my help, and a few seconds later he said “Mommy do,” but he wanted, and for a second, even demanded his independence.

Don’t we, at times, display a stubborn streak of independence to our loving heavenly father as well? We put our hands on our hips and stomp our foot with the mind-set that we can handle a task on our own strength. Then we stubbornly set about completion of that task without even the slightest consideration for the outcome. Yet, if we are given a little time for reality and a sense of perspective to set in we realize that we need our Father’s help; that is if we want the task to be completed properly.

Sure, God will allow us to muddle through on our own efforts, and make a mess of things, but wouldn’t it be beneficial to us to seek Him and His guidance first? Wouldn’t we save ourselves much heartache and disappointment in life if we would take even the smallest of tasks to Him in prayer first? Isn’t it easier to ask for help first, rather than having to seek forgiveness later?

God is gracious and loving and He wants to be involved in even the smallest detail of our lives. Nothing is too trivial, mundane or unimportant to God. He wants us to be dependent on Him for our every need. Won’t you join me in recommitting every task and all of your effort to Him today? I know that He will bless us for our faithfulness!

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